About Me


I’m Debbie, a right-brained wanna-be in a left-brained body.  Which is to say that I’m a math-numbers-techie geek who’s always striving to let my creative side show through.  Blogging seemed like the perfect way to combine both.

age 3

On any given day, you can usually find me up to my elbows in my latest obsession, whether I’m DIY’ing my way through another room makeover, or indulging in one of my many hobbies.

Thankfully, my amazing husband of 20+ years is pretty tolerant of my quirks,

D and Mr. D

as are our four beautiful children.


At least, for the most part.  As long as I get the laundry done.  :)

Not enough info?  Click here to learn more than you ever wanted to know about me!

I would love to hear from you.  You can contact me at debbie {at} meandmydiy {dot} com.




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