Paper Star Lantern Giveaway Winner

Hi everyone! Thanks for participating in my first giveaway. I used the True Random Number Generator to pick a winner from all the comments (I included you too, Nici!).

Before I reveal the winner, I have to tell you a funny little story. My sweet blogging friend Mel, from Junkin’ Junky, helped me out quite a bit when I was trying to figure out how to convert my paper cutting files from Studio to SVG for my Etsy store. So I’ve been planning on sending her a star to thank her for all her time. Imagine my surprise when I typed the numbers into the random number generator and it came up with 27, which happens to be Mel!


I literally laughed out loud, and sent her an email to let her know. :) But since I was already planning on sending her one anyway, I did it a second time, and this time it came up with 36.


Which means the winner is….Susan from Homeroad!


I believe this is the one Susan picked. It’s my favorite too. :) Congratulations Susan! Shoot me an email and we can work out all the details.


If you didn’t win this time, don’t worry. I had so much fun that I’ll be doing it again. Every time someone would leave a new comment, I would think “Oh, I really hope they win!” I really meant it when I said I wish I could make one for each of you!

I’m off to go rent a trailer so we can move my daughter back down to school. Wish me luck driving that thing!!

Thanks again everyone, and have a great day!

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