Hearth Room Mantel Decorating

I finally made a little progress on our Christmas decorations.

We have two fireplace mantels in our home, by virtue of a see-through fireplace.  This is the less formal of the two, located in our hearth room.

Like so many of the rooms in our home, our hearth room is a makeover waiting to happen.  I won’t bother listing for you the things I’d like to change.  I’d rather show you later with some finished projects.

We usually have a large picture of the kids up here, but I took it down to decorate for the holidays.  I picked the mirror up at Hobby Lobby a couple of years ago.  You might recognize the lamps, because one of them has been living in my laundry room.

We’ve had these little wooden deer so long, I can’t remember where we got them.

I ordered the stockings from Lands’ End years ago, after the birth of each of our kids.  It’s hard to tell in this picture, but by the time our little guy came along, they had changed the shape of their stockings, so his is a little shorter and stockier than the others.

The lanterns were picked up here and there over the past few years.  I tied a holly and berry sprig to the top of each one.

You might have noticed the cane leaning up against the mantel.  This cane has seen many, many Christmases.  It was given to my husband’s great grandfather as a Christmas gift over a hundred years ago.  The date inscribed on the top says Dec. 25th “89.

A small picture sits on top of a little table next to the mantel.  This one is a favorite of mine. It’s my brother and sister and I, all sitting on Santa’s lap.  I like how my hand is casually resting on my brother’s head.  Do you think it looks natural?  Santa looks like he’s ready to head home.  I wonder how many children had sat on his lap that day!

A tray sits on the ottoman with this year’s Christmas picture of the kids, as well as our oldest daughter’s senior picture.  I’m not playing favorites, I figure I’m entitled to have an extra picture of her around since she’s away at school now.  The Christmas cactus was given to me a couple of years ago as a thank you from my sweet mother-in-law, for helping her with her computer.

I’ll try to show you the mantel on the other side of the fireplace in an upcoming post.  (Update: you can read about it here). How about you?  Are you done with your holiday decorating?

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