Everlasting Cranberry Wreath

I have a confession to make.

UFOs are a pretty common occurrence around here. And I’m not talking about the kind that fly around and land in a field somewhere.

I’m talking about Un Finished Objects.

And I’m notorious for them.

But if this blog has done anything, it’s been to bring all those unfinished projects front and center in my mind, because, let’s be honest, finished projects make for better reading, wouldn’t you agree?

So in light of the season, I thought I’d pull out a certain UFO that I started a while back. It’s called a red beaded wreath, and you can find the tutorial on the Martha Stewart website here.

Here’s a conversation that took place after I got it out and started working on it the other day:

Hubs: Hey, didn’t you make one of those last year?

Me: Nope, this is the same one.

Hubs:  Are you sure? Because I could swear you already made one of those.

Me:  Nope, same one.

Darling Glee Girl (chiming in because she’s obviously more enlightened than my husband):  Yeah mom, haven’t you been working on that for like, three or four years?

Don’t laugh. At this point, I’m trying to think of an excuse to get out of the conversation. Because I know the truth. I’ve seen the receipt that was tucked inside the box of glass beads. You wouldn’t think it would take me that long to finish it, would you? After all, how long does it take to stick a few beads on a wreath form?

Apparently, it takes about eleven years! No, I’m not even kidding. I wish I were. It’s hard to believe I actually started this when my now 11 year old was a newborn. Wow.

And I have no excuse, because it really didn’t take that long to complete. Except that I am easily distracted.

But I did finally finish it this year (c’mon folks, I’m not that good at Photoshop!)

Seriously. I think I heard the angels sing when I pushed the last bead into place. Actually, that was me. In any case, I am SO happy to cross this UFO off my list!

Admit it, that makes you feel better about your own UFOs, doesn’t it? Or am I the only slacker around here? Do you have projects lying around the house waiting to be completed? What’s the longest it’s taken you to complete one? Do tell!

Update: If you haven’t already, take a peak at how I changed the look of this wreath for Valentine’s Day!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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