Dangerous New Growth

It’s been years since I’ve grown any African Violets, but my grandmother, who always had scads of them while we were growing up, recently got interested in them again.  So when she surprised me with a shipment of 12 fresh leaves from Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses, I was delighted.

If you’ve never grown African Violets, they’re propagated easily by snipping off a leaf and tucking it into some soil, preferably a mixture of potting soil and perlite, which keeps it from being too wet.  Each person has their  own preferred way of doing it, but that’s the quick and dirty version.  Give it a little sunlight and keep the soil moist, and in about 6 weeks (give or take), a new baby plant will emerge!

Do you see that tiny green sprout there?  No?  Go ahead and click on the image to zoom in.  I’ll wait.  :)  That’s the newest  member of the African Violet family!  At least in our household, anyway.  This particular variety is a semi-miniature called “Dangerous,” which will one day have blooms in “deep, neon shades of red and mauve.”  I’ll eventually have to transplant each of the new plants into something bigger.  And find more windowsills.

My windowsill of African Violets

I’m curious about how many other African Violet devotees are out there in blogland.  Anyone?  Anyone?  (think Ferris Bueller)  Do you grow African Violets?  What are some of your favorite varieties?  Do you propagate them?  If so, what’s your favorite method?

As always, thanks for stopping by!

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