Make the most of your drawers

When we built our home twelve years ago, wood tiered drawer dividers weren’t exactly in the budget.

But one day while strolling around big blue, I happened to come across these:

What could be better than that…except for maybe custom wood tiered drawer dividers!  The more I studied them, the more I realized I could make some myself, and probably for a lot less.  It’s basically just a second drawer living inside the first, with its own set of drawer slides.  So I bought lots of wood and two sets of heavy duty side-mount full extension drawer slides.

I started by removing the drawer from the cabinet and cutting off the top half only of the back side.

Next, I mounted one set of the new slides along the inside top edge of both sides of the bottom drawer, as in the picture above.  I built a drawer box for the top (inside) drawer next, using both wood glue and nails to hold everything together.  I laid my utensils down inside it and moved them around until I had an arrangement I was happy with.  Then I started cutting more wood pieces, gluing and nailing them together until I had finished sectioning off every bit of available space in that drawer.  I repeated this part in the bottom drawer.

Next, I installed the second half of the new drawer slides onto the outside of the top drawer and slid the top drawer into the drawer slides, so it was nested inside the bottom drawer.  Almost done!

The last step was to replace the old set of drawer slides with the second set of heavy duty slides that I bought, to make sure it could handle the weight of not one, but two drawers.  Here’s what it looks like now:

Two drawers in the space of one, and not a bit of space is wasted by ill-fitting store-bought drawer dividers!  What’s not to love about that?
By using full extension drawer slides, even the back of the drawers get regular use.  I also cut a piece of non-slip shelf liner for each section to keep the utensils from sliding around.

I was so happy with the way it turned out that I also did my spice drawer.

My bathroom drawer isn’t quite deep enough to have a second inside drawer, but as large as it is, it still needed some organization, so it wasn’t long before I made a custom divider for it too.

And then I did our “junk” drawer, which probably WAS deep enough to have a second drawer.

So there you have it!  See how easy it is to customize your drawers with just a few basic tools and supplies?   Are you ready to tackle a drawer or two in your house?  Let me know what you think!

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