Am I the only one who’s never been to an Ikea?  The closest one to me is six and a half hours away.  Every time I see a really cool Ikea hack on Pinterest, I’ve thought about hooking up the trailer and making the drive.  But I don’t think Mr. D would go for that, especially when we already seem to have a house full of stuff that needs to be going out, not coming in!

I may be the last to know, but I was beyond excited when I heard on the news this morning that Ikea is coming to Kansas City.  I was fist pumping and silently screaming to myself in my dark kitchen, so I wouldn’t wake anyone else up.  If I knew how to do a back flip like Carl Edwards, I would have done that too.  On second thought, maybe it’s a good thing I don’t!

If you happen to live in a state that has an Ikea, count yourself lucky.  The Ikea gods have really smiled down on you if you actually live in the same city as one, you lucky dog!  And while I don’t relish the 2 hour drive, at least it’s a little more doable for those of us in mid Missouri.

What’s the furthest you’ve driven to get to an Ikea?  What is your favorite thing to buy at Ikea?  Any advice for someone who’s never been?  Help a girl out!

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