Removable Lamp Shade

When my daughter and I went shopping for her dorm room, one of the things we picked up was a lamp to put on her desk.  I remembered seeing an excellent tutorial for a Ruffled Lamp Shade  over at Crafty Texas Girls, so I showed it to my daughter and offered to make it for her.  She gladly accepted.  Only, I really didn’t want to destroy a perfectly good lamp shade to do it, so I went about it a little differently and created one that can be changed out whenever you want.  Granted, the original can be changed out too, but this way you don’t have to buy a new lamp shade whenever you do.

You’ll definitely want to check out the original tutorial, but if you want to preserve your lampshade, you’ll also need:

Cardstock (preferably in the same color as the fabric you’ll be using)

Start by laying your lampshade on its side and tracing the shape.  Then cut it out.  In my case, I had four trapezoids.  Even though I drew the line across the top, I decided not to cut that yet, to make sure I didn’t cut it too short.







Tape the pieces together and place it over the lamp shade.  Don’t worry if there are small gaps between the pieces.  They won’t show when you’re all done.  Just make sure that when you hold the shade up, the card stock overlay that you’ve just made won’t slide down.  Obviously, this will work better if your shade is wider at the bottom than at the top.  If it’s not, you’ll have to figure out some way to hold it in place.  Also, the more snug you can make it here, the better, because the ruffles will weigh it down.  I had to make my pattern twice because the first time it was too loose.

Next, use your ruler to measure and make lines across the card stock.  You can skip this part if you’re good at eyeballing, but I was afraid my ruffles would end up wonky if I didn’t.  I wanted the ruffles pretty close to the top and bottom, because I didn’t want the edges to show, so I drew those lines first, and then drew lines 1″ apart in between.

Now just slip your card stock overlay onto the lamp shade, and proceed with the original tutorial.      Here’s a picture of the underneath side once you get done.

And the finished product:

Now you can swap out lamp shades whenever the mood strikes, without  having to go out and buy a new lamp shade each time.

Thanks for reading!


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